Home Made Ice Cream OPTION 10
As a complement to “Grandpa’s Country Catering” or as a stand alone catering option, we are extremely excited to offer home made ice cream.  This home made ice cream is produced with a totally restored 1929 John Deere Model E Hit & Miss gasoline engine or 1931 Maytag Washing Machine gasoline engine.  The gasoline engine is coupled to a 20 or 8 quart stainless steel ice cream maker.  If you are not familiar with the old hit & miss engines of yesteryear, they are a delight to watch as they are to hear!  Your guests will be amused and entertained watching the ice cream making process.
All Grandpa’s Country Home Made Ice Cream is made with 14% butter fat.  We do not skimp on the good stuff!  Most processed ice cream is only about 8% butter fat.  We offer two delicious flavors - Vanilla and Chocolate.  Along with the ice cream, we serve a variety of toppings including:
- Peanuts - M & M’s  - Sprinkles  - Oreo Cookies   Bowls, spoons & napkins included. - Strawberry   - Carmel   - Pineapple - Chocolate - Butterscotch Number of Guests Price per Person 68 people or less $250 minimum fee 69 to 99 people $3.75 per person 100 to 199 people $3.50 per person 200 or more people $3.00 per person