DIY - Whole Pig OPTION 2
We slow charcoal roast a whole, skin on, head on pig to perfection.  We deliver the pig on the roaster to your address. You brag to your friends how you stayed up all night cooking the pig and look like a hero!  We will pick up the roaster the following day after your event.     
Delivery is required by our insurance company.  We charge $2.00 a mile from butcher shop (one way charge).
Do it yourself! I want the whole pig!
Dressed Pig Weight (Uncooked) Price 130 lb. Whole Pig (serves 65) $550 plus tax 150 lb. Whole Pig (serves 75) $600 plus tax 200 lb. Whole Pig (serves 100) $650 plus tax 250 lb. Whole Pig (serves 125) $700 plus tax