On Site Pig Roast OPTION 4 We suggest 1 1/2 lbs. of pork per person!
$50.00 non refundable deposit required to reserve date. 2 hour serving time allotted.  Each additional hour is $50.00. Price of catering is within a 20 mile radius of butcher shop.  $2.00 per extra mile (one way charge) for locations located outside of radius.
Our Most Popular Option!
Old Fashion Slow, Charcoal Roasted Carved, Trimmed & Ready to Eat!
We supply the pig roaster, a roasting pig, chafing dishes, sauerkraut and a carving station.  We slow, charcoal roast a whole, skin on, head on pig on your premises.  We carve the pig, season the pork with 6 different delicious flavors and place it in hot chafing dishes for buffet style serving (All you can eat!).  Your guests bring a covered dish, rolls, plates, napkins and utensils.  We set up, clean up and serve the meat all for the price listed below.  Presto, you have an instant pig roast.     
Number of Guests Price per Person 68 people or less $675 minimum charge 69 to 99 people $9.75 per person 100 to 199 people $9.50 per person 200 or more people $9.25 per person Pork Flavors *  All Natural Pulled Pork *  Old Fashion BBQ *  Mississippi Honey BBQ *  Carolina Tangy BBQ *  Bayou Cajun *  Pennsylvania Apple BBQ