Upgrades OPTIONS 12-14
$100 additional fee
This option allows us, once we are done serving, to refill the buffet one last time before we leave.  You and your guests can continue to enjoy your buffet until you are ready to quit.  We will come by the next day and clean up and remove our chafers.  You will be responsible for refrigerating leftovers when you are done partying.  (Note:  You must be within our 20 mile radius to take advantage of this option.)  
We mean bus your tables!  This option is a little more upscale, where your guests visit the buffet line to get their food but we then come around tableside and remove any plates, utensils and discarded materials so your guests can relax and socialize.  We will also monitor all trash receptacles and keep them empty until we leave.  
$2  per person additional fee
Instead of our normal foam plates and white plastic utensils, for an additional fee you can upgrade to a fancy colored plastic plate and black and chrome plastic utensils.  This is an upscale option without the higher cost of renting fine china.  
$4 per person additional fee
OPTION 12 - Wish it was up all night! OPTION 13 - Bus Stop! OPTION 14 - Upgraded Utensils and Plates